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Re: Removing Bad Chrome Plate

To: Derek Harling <>
Subject: Re: Removing Bad Chrome Plate
From: Douglas Shook <>
Date: Tue, 07 Sep 1999 20:27:26 -0700
Derek Harling wrote:
> Need help/advice.
> I have some unique suspension nuts etc on a race car I'm renovating that
> are/were chrome plated but the plating is flaking off. At least I assume
> it it is Chrome plating. I've tried wire brushing, filing, sanding, bead
> blasting etc but all fail to remove the sharp edges from the flaking
> plating.
> Is there a safe chemical way to remove it? Or a better mechanical way?
> I'd be happy either to remove all the plating or just the flaking bits.
> For refinishing I'd be happy either to re-plate or just to paint. What
> plating finish is best for such applications?

There was just some discussion on another group
about using muriatic acid and water bath for this
purpose (I don't know the ratio, though).

There also was a comment about taking it to a
chromer to have it stripped.  The general
consensus was that a chroming outfit will strip
chrome off for a reasonable fee.



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