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RE: Spraying Latex Paint

Subject: RE: Spraying Latex Paint
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 08:58:48 -0700

I haven't had any problem spraying latex paint with my el-cheapo gun.  The only
thing I have to do is use the internal mix cap, and play around with the
settings until I get a decent finish.  Most recently, I sprayed my fence with
some of that latex/acrylic solid-color stain (I did not thin the stain), and it
worked well.  Much faster than brushing.  Sure, it's a thinner coat than
brushing, but it was kind of fun to do, there were no holidays, and I'm more
likely to do recoats is subsequent years. . .

I also sprayed latex on some cedar lattice that I used for some interior
decorating -- again, much easier/faster than brushing.

Steve Dillen
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