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Re: Parts washer solution and sand for blaster

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Subject: Re: Parts washer solution and sand for blaster
From: Mike Rambour <>
Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2000 11:51:13 -0800

>What's everyone using for both of the above? I've used tide/kerosene 50/50
>as well as light paint thinner in the parts washer; as far as sand for the

   Sounds explosive I would be _really_ careful with those.  Yes, I have 
used gasoline before and I am still here but I am also older and far more 
careful these days.  Try going with some less explosive cleaners or 
something even completely safe.  They might not do as quick a job but you 
will be healthier.  Someone on this list has a fetish for Agitene or 
something similar to that, I use SafetySolvent (I think that is the name) 
from a local commercial supplier that is willing to help me out with small 
infrequent quantities.

>new cabinet blaster I just bought, I've only done sandblasting in a pile of
>regular old sand before, out-of-doors and all that, so what do you

   Pure sand is bad unless you are careful about breathing it, pure sand 
causes Silicosis (trust the voice of experience, you don't want 
Silicosis).  There are faster cleaning materials than sand out there but 
they do cost more, some are less harmful to your health and work better so 
in my opinion they are worth the cost.   The type of blasting media depends 
on what you are going to do, I believe that Glass Beads is the best general 
purpose media and I always have that in my cabinet but there is some 
specialized media if you know what you will be doing ahead of time. has pretty good comments on media and 
D=2000020814294638 has a good chart, shop around both Tip and Eastwood tend 
to be higher priced than other places (but I buy from both of them because 
they are so convenient).


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