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Re: Nyloc nut source ?

To: Lee Daniels <>,
Subject: Re: Nyloc nut source ?
From: Drew Rogge <>
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000 08:52:11 -0800
I once asked Orchard Supply Hardware what grade their Nyloc nuts
were and they're grade 2. Not the best for a lot of applications.
I also asked a local fastener supply house about getting better
quality nuts and I'm pretty sure they said that grade 5 was hard
to come by (or maybe it was not available). Grade 8 are easy to
get but pretty pricey.


On Feb 11, 10:39am, Lee Daniels wrote:
> Subject: RE: Nyloc nut source ?
> I saw "nyloc"(TM) at two different hardware stores this past weekend
> (Lowe's and Furrow).  I don't recall what grade they were, but you're not
> going to get the best grade at these stores.  They were about twice the
> price of regular nuts.
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