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Air Compressors

Subject: Air Compressors
From: Mike Rambour <>
Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2001 22:01:31 -0800
   I am in the process of finally getting rid of my Sears 6.5HP Airless 
compressor for a real compressor.  Tip sells the Curtis and Champion brand 
and I believe I will go for the Champion 5HP.  Tip sells 2 of them and what 
the heck does a magnetic starter do ?  The more expensive unit has a 
magnetic starter on it along with a auto tank drain and ASME tank.  Due to 
the free shipping it works out to only a little more money for me then the 
other one which I have to pay shipping on.

   So what does a magnetic starter do ? why do I need one ?
   Why does one 5HP motor draw 22amps and the other draw 25amps (thats the 
one with the starter).  Last question, I am on a "supposed" 30amp circuit 
can I run a 25amp motor safely on that?  I say supposed because the 
previous owner installed a 50amp breaker but left the 10 gauge wiring 
alone.  I will fix that and put back a 30amp breaker.  I believe that 10 
gauge is rated for 30amps.  Is there any special wiring I have to do for 
the mag starter ?

  Any other compressors I should be looking at ?  I need some decent scfm 
for my sand blasting and glass beading...someday painting too.


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