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Cleaning oil off concrete

Subject: Cleaning oil off concrete
From: Noemi Berry Doudna <>
Date: Thu, 07 Nov 2002 22:33:26 -0800
He rolled by me on the street on his finally-assembled Bad
Moto Guzzi, fluid pouring from the top of the motor.  "Just
washed it or something," I mused.  Cool.  That fluid left a nearly
solid trail of connected drops all the way down the street,
across the sidewalk, up our driveway, culminating in a minor pond.

"What fluid?!" he asked, alarmed.  AGH!  Oil!  Pouring, gushing,
free-flowing.  A "leaky" (and I understate) pressurized oil feed

...and now we have a long lovely oil trail up our new concrete-paver
driveway.  I've tackled previous lubricant indiscretions with
stuff I got at a hardware store called "Concrete Cleaner" -- worked
for me, but I was a renter then.  It also says "etcher", and my
husband is concerned it will eat away at our n-zillon-pound-per-square-inch
concrete paver stones.  Obviously a test patch is called for, but
it's also worth asking:

Any recommendations on how to clean a long trail of Mobil One 1550
off concrete pavers?

(Feel free to swat me on the nose and point me toward a FAQ if
this is a mega-repeat.)


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