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To: Don Malling <>
Subject: Re: welders
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 21:46:08 -0700
Don Malling writes: 

> This sounds very interesting -- maybe the Hobart is a Miller in
> disguise?  
> Would be nice to hear from the Hobart owners their impression of its
> quality. 
> Seems I can recall that the Hobart came with the gas kit. I know the
> Lincoln does not. Not sure about the Miller.

Depends upon which Hobart you were looking at. The TIGMate, at one time, had 
a package deal with gas flow control, piping, choice of hand or foot 
rheostat, etc. 

Just for clarification, Miller and Hobart were independent brands, both with 
long histories. Both, in a relatively short period of time, were bought out 
by ITW (Illinois Tool Works), and at the time Hobart was purchased, there 
was some talk about getting rid of models which competed with each other 
between those two brands. Don't know if that was finally done, but I do 
notice that some welding supply houses carrying Miller don't carry Hobart, 
and vice versa. Maybe ITW is letting the two brands not compete regionally, 
something like that. 

And of all the brands, Hobart has had the reputation for the best training, 
bar none, albeit it is now being done by a separate subsidiary of theirs, I 
believe. Hobart even sponsored a reasonably low-cost two-week school, for 
artists who wanted to become familiar with metal arts welding, at their 
factory near Dayton, OH. Don't know if they still do it, after absorption by 
ITW, but people I know who've been say it was a gas. 


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