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Re: [off-topic] Wall construction question

To: "Timothy R. Hoerning" <>
Subject: Re: [off-topic] Wall construction question
From: "John P. New" <>
Date: 05 Aug 2003 11:35:29 -0400

In my house (110 years old), when we repair or replace a wall, we use a
modern lathe & plaster method of structural perlite over expanded metal
mesh, finished with plaster (the real stuff, not drywall compound).

I have found the structural perlite a good match to the old browncoat
used in my home. We have used it over the expanded metal to repair the
old lathe & plaster, as well as over old masonry, with excellent

The method our plaster uses is as follows (from my notes of watching his

Mix structural perlite to a fairly stiff consistency.
Wet the area to be repaired to ensure good adhesion.
Apply perlite.
As it begins to dry, go over wet perlite with a trowel; this will level
the perlite and create a rough surface to take the final plaster coat.
Level the perlite to about 1/16" to 1/8" below the finished wall level.
With a sharp trowel, dig out the perlite where it meets the edge of the
old finished wall, so that a very square edge exists between the old
finished wall and the new perlite, like this:
___________                   ________
Old Wall   |  Perlite repair  | Old Wall

When fully cured, apply and finish the final coat.

As I write this, I seem to recall that at one time he added lime to the
mix, but I don't think he has done that the last few times he has been

Hope this helps,

John P. New
London, Onatrio, Canada

On Tue, 2003-08-05 at 09:34, Timothy R. Hoerning wrote: 
>       This is pretty off-topic, but I'm not sure where else to ask.
>       I'm currently in the process of rebuilding the closet in my house.  The
> old walls were plaster&lathe.   Replacing the walls with sheet rock has
> not been a problem, but the chimney that runs through the closet is a bigger
> issue.   
>       In the old wall the grey cement like stuff (I've heard it called animent
> (sp?)) that was applied to the lathe was also slathered on the cinder-block
> chimney to smooth it out before a top coat of plaster could be applied.  
> Since alot of this grey cement came off the chimney while tearing down the 
> wall, I need to replace it to rebuild the wall around the chimney.
>       The question is, what is this stuff and where do I get it?  I tried
> explaining it to someone at Home Depot, but didn't have much luck.  
>       Thanks.
>               Tim

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