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My Walls Are Bleeding... (Paint)

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Subject: My Walls Are Bleeding... (Paint)
From: "Kai M. Radicke" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2003 17:27:19 -0400
My old (small) homework shop I am converting into a home office.  Since the
room used to be a nasty green, from the previous home owners, I left it that
color when I started using the room as a shop.  However, as a home office I
wanted it white.  So now after painting I have these nasty small red dots
bleeding through the white paint.  See images:

This is what I did for preparation:

1)    Spackled all holes that existed in the walls.  There was no evidence
of this red stuff on the previous old coat of paint.  However, as the
spackle dried the red seeped through in some areas that had small nail
holes.  No worries I thought, the primer / sealer will take care of it.

2)    Used a primer / sealer (Valspar brand) sold at Lowes that was meant
for use on existing drywall that had existing coats of paint.  The primer /
sealer did dull the bleeding color, but it still seeped through.

3)    Waited a few days and applied more primer / sealer to each of the red
dots.  This dulled them a bit more, but they still bled through.

4)    Today I decided I was going to try painting anyway and theorized that
a thick coat of latex paint in those areas may be enough to keep the dots
hidden.  Nope, the dots bled through.  If it matters, the paint is Olympic
brand interior latex (Delicate White) again the stuff available at Lowes.

Any idea how to get rid of the red dots short of cutting out the offending
pieces of drywall?

The good news of the day though is that after 3 weeks the building permits
for my 14x30 addition have been approved!  Construction should begin
sometime next week...

Thanks everyone!

Kai (too busy to even make it to the TRF this weekend)

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