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RE: R12 Freon Replacement

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Subject: RE: R12 Freon Replacement
From: "Randall Young" <>
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 15:22:48 -0700
> I came across a product called ProDry billed as a replacement for
> R12 freon
> in older a/c systems.
> As I have an R12 based a/c system in a vehicle worth less than conversion
> cost to R134 that needs recharging I am quite interested.

I've never even heard of the stuff, that I remember, but the maker's ads
sure seem over-hyped.  134A causes "instant testicular cancer" on contact
???  C'mon guys !

Hype aside, there doesn't seem to be any reason it's better than the old
propane/butane mixture that an old friend of mine came up with.  ProDry is a
hydrocarbon, which means that it will burn.  (Of course, so will R134A, and
so will R12 when mixed with refrigerant oil and sprayed through a small
orifice).  Given the rather dramatic price differential, I still plan to try
the propane/butane mix first.

BTW, Butane-N is apparently becoming fairly rare in camping stores, but I
was able to mail order some from Athena


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