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Re: Lifts - concrete psi

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Subject: Re: Lifts - concrete psi
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Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 16:33:26 -0700
Sooo, after typing up that last long post, I had a brilliant idea. Why not
call the manufacturer and see what they have to say?!?!? Silly idea I know.
Anyway, I just called Bendpak and talked with their lift installation guy.
Told him my slab was 4-5 in. thick but I was unsure of the psi rating. He
asked when it was poured, and once he heard 1996 he said it would be no
problem. As George and others have pointed out the concrete gets stronger
over a period of time, and the install guy said their psi requirements are
mostly intended for someone who has a freshly poured slab, and is trying to
install a lift on it before letting it cure fully. He said a 4" or more slab
that had been in place over a period of years should be just fine for that

I'll try and not be so anal about my next project.......

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> Wayne,
> Concrete continues to increase in strength forever.  Don't worry about
> it.
> In 1979 I built a Peterbilt/Freightliner truck service facility with a 5"
> slab.  Since then, we continue to do additions and maintenance for them,
> and that slab now has lifts on it.  And it just shows the normal evidence
> of daily abuse.
> My shop has a 5" slab also with fiber, and my lift has been in use for a
> decade.  Works good.
> Just do it.
> GPD4
> BTW, you will do more damage trying to put separate thickened equipment
> slabs in unless you excavate under the surrounding floor, which becomes
> rather tricky.
> Another option is to increase the base plase size if you are still
> concerned.  In my shop, two of the four mounting bolts ended up over top
> a floor drain.  Doubled the base plate size by welding a 1/2" plate under
> the existing plate on both sides, effectively doubled my load bearing
> area on the slab in the process.

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