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Re: Gas line installation

Subject: Re: Gas line installation
From: John Miller <>
Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2006 21:55:06 -0800
> One other step that at least the inspectors here in Austin, Texas 
> require is that the black pipe that is outside be painted wither black 
> or gray. It keeps the pipe from rusting as fast.

The inspector here wants all exposed plastic pipe painted with a paint 
specifically labeled as 'UV Resistant'.

In case anyone runs into this: Krylon Contractor Door and Shutter.  One 
of their plastic-specific formulations.  Gigantic inspector-friendly 'UV 
Resistant' lettering on the cap.

The bad news: *no one* local had even heard of it.  Found one 
Sherwin-Williams store with a guy willing to look it up, figured he 
could order me a 6-can case (given that Sherwin-Williams owns Krylon, 
one would hope...) but then never bothered to call me back.

The good news:  Still had to order a case, but it 
was here in a couple days, no fuss, no muss.


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