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Re: Unravelling old BX cable?

To: "Jim Franklin" <>,
Subject: Re: Unravelling old BX cable?
From: "Steve Hammatt" <>
Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2006 09:00:25 -0800
I may be wrong on this, but I'm thinking that you'd 
'bend' the armor in a curve, then take a hacksaw and cut thru 
one link, bend further and then snip the remainder clean.

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Subject: Unravelling old BX cable?

> Installing a ceiling fan in place of a light fixture, I moved the 
> cloth-covered leads too much and one shorted against the armoring. I 
> guess they didn't have anti-short bushings in 1926. I need to unravel a 
> few winds of the armoring to expose the torn cloth and tape it up, but 
> the armoring is steel and won't come uncoiled. Is there a procedure to 
> this? I've only worked with modern aluminum(?) armored cable (which 
> unravels *too* easily).
> Replacing the cabling isn't an option, there's no access above the 
> ceiling.
> thanks,
> jim

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