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Re: Adding a bid circuit and and electrical breaker questions

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Subject: Re: Adding a bid circuit and and electrical breaker questions
From: "George" <>
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 17:49:25 -0700
You could probably get some breakers that put 2 circuits in the space of 1 
normal breaker.  That would make room for your new 60 amp circuit.
George C

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From: "Darrell Walker" <>
Subject: Adding a bid circuit and and electrical breaker questions

> Hi,
> I'm looking to add a 240V, 60 amp circuit for a ceramic kiln.  My  
> current panel is 200 amps with 20 spaces, and only has one slot  
> open.  Most likely I'll hire an electrician for this, but I'd like to  
> know what my options are.
> First, is there a limit to the total amperage of circuits in relation  
> to the main service amperage?  Right now, adding up the existing  
> breakers I get 315 amps.  Seems like a lot, but of course not  
> everything is running at the same time.  But since you can get a 200  
> amp main panel with 40 spaces, and since I've never seen a circuit  
> less that 15 amps, that would seem to imply that you can add a lot of  
> circuits!  So can I really have 375 amps full of circuits behind a  
> 200 amp main service?
> Second, since I don't have a double slot available, I think I would  
> either need to add a sub-panel (and move at least one existing  
> circuit over there along with the new one for the kiln), or replace  
> the main panel with a bigger one.  Are those my options, without  
> shedding an existing circuit?
> If so. I'm thinking a full new panel is a cleaner solution, though  
> unless the new panel uses the same breaker types as the old one I  
> will have to buy a bunch of new breakers.  That would be offset  
> somewhat with the fact that with a sub-panel I would have to buy a  
> pretty big (80 or 100 amp) breaker to feed the subpanel, and you can  
> usually get quite a few 10 and 20 amp breakers for the price of one  
> on those!
> Anyway, any ideas appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Darrell
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> Darrell Walker
> 66 TR4A IRS CTC67956L
> Vancouver, WA, USA

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