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Drain pipes under attack?

To: "Shop Talk" <>
Subject: Drain pipes under attack?
From: "Steve Hammatt" <>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 22:01:40 -0800
We've just discovered a water leak from the upstairs bathroom, 
going through the dining room ceiling and walls and eventually 
onto the wooden flooring downstairs.  The crew that came in today 
to do the initial cleanup, drywall removal from the ceiling, etc. 
reported that they found the cause of the leak.  Apparently some 
sort of animal (rat, squirrel or ???) chewed into the ABS plastic 
drain line from the upstairs fixtures and allowed water to damage the 

I've never heard of an animal attacking a drain line before.  Is this 
a common (or uncommon) occurrence?

Steve Hammatt
Mount Vernon WA USA

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