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[Shop-talk] Re Web Based PLC

Subject: [Shop-talk] Re Web Based PLC
From: mike brooks <>
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2010 10:31:27 +0000 (GMT)

Not sure if this helps, but I would install wireless switches in
the tank, either battery or solar powered, with a wireless receiver close to
the pump. The dry contacts for the pump on/off control would then be provided
as outputs from the receiver. Doing it this way removes the need to keep a PC
network running, and your existing pump control box can be retained. And it
minimises the equipment several floors up. There are many companies world wide
that can provide this kind of stuff - the above link is typical.

Mike Brooks
Doha, Qatar

....Ok, I'm looking for a little help here.  It might be a little
off topic 
for Shop talk, but I know we have the expertise here to answer

What I need is a web based logic board for dry contacts.  Let me

In the new Mansion we are moving into, there is a water tank on
the roof 
(5 stories up.)  The pump is in the ground.  Local wiring code in
Afghanistan is nonexistence. ............
Support Team.Net

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