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Re: [Shop-talk] Attaching wiring to steel studs?

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Attaching wiring to steel studs?
From: Jim Stone <>
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 2010 14:55:59 -0600
Finally!  A question I can answer.  I did my basement that way (I hope you
aren't the current owner of my old house) and bought a pack of stick-on
anchors that were made for this purpose.  They were about an inch square and
had an opening in the center where a small nylon cable tie could be looped
through it and the bundle of wire.  They were easy to use and readily
available at the big box stores.  They stuck to the studs very well, but we
moved about a year after I finished the basement, so I can't say how long they
stayed attached.

Sorry if that description isn't very clear.  I think I have a few left if you
would like a photo of one and could also drop one in the mail if you wanted a

As for metal studs, I found them to be great.  Very easy to put up, straight
(unlike most wood 2x4's these days) and very sound structurally, once the
drywall is in place.  Being able to stick a magnetic level on them was a real
plus, as I was working alone.  Plumbing and wiring was a breeze, thanks to the
cutouts.  You do need drywall on both sides for structural rigidity, which
sounds like something your PO didn't do.

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> Subject: [Shop-talk] Attaching wiring to steel studs?
> Hello,
> In my house, a previous owner finished the basement, and the interior walls
were done with sheet metal studs (a stupid idea, in my opinion). On the
unfinished side of the walls there is a lot of loose NM wiring for the outlets
and light switches which is not properly attached to anything. So, what is the
official, correct way to attach wiring to metal studs? (Of course, if the
studs were wood, I would simply use staples.) For wire runs that have to pass
horizontally, I have already installed plastic grommets in the holes in the
studs, but what about the vertical runs?
> Thanks,
> Doug
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