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[Shop-talk] DVM / Multimeter recommendations

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Subject: [Shop-talk] DVM / Multimeter recommendations
From: Wayne <>
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2010 12:11:17 -0500
Hey Guys,

Wondering if anyone can recommend a DVM / Multimeter for me.  I've had a 
couple basic ones over the years;  currently using the $4 H.F. bargain 
bin model.

I'd like to get something with a capacitance range, for checking motor 
and HVAC capacitors.  AND a tachometer for engine work.

Anyone know of one unit with both features?  Seems like to get either, 
you need to go to a high-dollar expensive model, then it won't have 
BOTH.  So you need two expensive meters.  Wouldn't mind going used, 
either.  I know Fluke is top line, and I can afford Ebay prices for them.

-Thanks, Wayne
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