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[Shop-talk] Another Snow Blower Question

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Subject: [Shop-talk] Another Snow Blower Question
From: "Greg Gelhar" <>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2010 17:46:41 -0600
Hi, I'm from Minneapolis Minnesota and we are about to break our December
snow fall record.  Today I broke a shear pin (bolt) on my 1971 Eska
snowblower. To finish the job, I simply put in a bolt to replace that shear
I want to do it right and make a new pin. (The old one is lost in the five
foot snow banks that line my driveway). Are there any rules of thumb as to
how deep the grooves should be in the new pin? It should be a quick job on
my lathe. I can't beleive that pin only lasted 39 years.

Greg Gelhar
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