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Re: [Shop-talk] dewalt battery charger testing

Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] dewalt battery charger testing
From: Brian Kemp <>
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2010 14:55:04 -0800
John - If it went completely dead, I suspect the battery is done.   
There are some cures that someone here may suggest like shocking the 
battery with with a higher voltage, but don't expect miracles.  If your 
battery is newer, there are probably screws to take it apart.  Measure 
the voltage at individual cells and I expect you will find at least one 
dead.  Some specialty electronics stores will sell replacement cells, 
but I suspect if you have one bad, the others are close.   It may be 
better to just buy a replacement.  A quick check at Amazon for "dewalt 
12v battery" shows some for about $30.

Don't know why they are so expensive.  When the batteries from my first 
Dewalt 12V drill became worthless, it was actually cheaper to by a new 
drill with two batteries at Costco than get the batteries individually.

As to measuring the voltage at the charger terminals, don't expect 
accurate readings without a load.  You could take a couple fine wires as 
someone else suggested, but be careful you don't short anything or you 
will be in the marked for a charger as well.


On 12/22/2010 7:25 AM, john niolon wrote:
> I'm having trouble charging Dewalt batteries... some it may be old batteries
> but I'm wondering if my one hour charger is dying...   Dewalt 9107  one hour
> charger   when I put a meter across the contacts down in the charger I read NO
> d.c. voltage.  although the battery is getting warm and slowly taking a
> charge... I had a completely dead 12v battery and started charging it with a
> hotter power supply 26volt  for a few minutes... it came up to about 8 volts
> and I then stuck it in the 9107....  4 hours later it's up to about 10 volts
> ???   This is a 2.8 amp charger and should do better than this...  discounting
> a bad battery pack... how can I test the charger ???
> thanks
> John
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