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[Shop-talk] Update on ... Need some thoughts an a snow blower that

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Subject: [Shop-talk] Update on ... Need some thoughts an a snow blower that
From: "Arvid Jedlicka" <>
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2010 16:47:45 -0600
Well the snow blower is now running reasonably well.

Things I learned or confirmed ...

This list is a great resource.

That NAPA actually has carb kits for these things on hand. The motor was a 
Tecumseh HS-50 which is a pretty ubiquitous device. The carb was a "Series 
1" carb of which there appear to be multiple flavors but all share the 
basics pieces so even I could not get it wrong.

NAPA's "Carb Cleaner in a gallon can with a basket" does a great job on just 
about everything ... but where it fails is important. The directions suggest 
soaking for 15 to 20 minutes. After a 24 hour soak there was still crap in 
several important ports that required a toothpick and\or very small wire to 
open up. I think it was Randal that pointed out the newer gas leaves 
deposits that even the best carb cleaners will not remove. I think this is 
evidence that the statement is true!!

When looking at the brass fitting that is part of the high speed jet system, 
there is one large port that may need to be cleaned by hand and there is one 
very small port that is very easy to miss but will also need to be cleaned 
by hand.

Don't forget to take out the soft needle seat before putting the body of the 
carb into the carb cleaner. If you think you removed it ... or looked in the 
port and didn't see it so you didn't think there is one to be remove ... 
then rest assured it will no longer be there after the soak ... and rest 
assured that NAPA has a needle and seat available for less than the price of 
a beer.

So all in all it was an interesting exercise that took about a week to 
resolve. But now the neighbor is happy he has a snow blower that works. Not 
that he was ever in any danger of being snowed in as I usually do his and 
several other driveways when I do mine with the tractor.

Again, thanks to the list for all the advise,
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