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Re: [Shop-talk] Looking to buy a compressor

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Looking to buy a compressor
From: Darrell Walker <>
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2020 17:14:27 -0700
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I thought Iâ??d update you all on my compressor search.  I purchased the Kobalt 
60 gallon, two-stage from Loweâ??s.  It mostly came down to the weight of the 
Quincy unit, not sure I could handle a nearly 500 lb compressor, and getting 
anyone to help is problematic.

Now Iâ??m researching after-coolers.  Iâ??ve found several ideal using a 
transmission cooler.  I understand that putting it between the compressor and 
the tank is most effective, but Iâ??m a little hesitant to start re-plumbing my 
brand new compressor.  So I may install it on the outflow.  Iâ??ve seen other 
designs using a series of pipe loops, but space is a bit of concern, so the 
transmission cooler with a fan to cool is more inline with what I can install.

Any thoughts or experience on aftercoolers would be appreciated!


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