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Re: Tonneau, unknown value

To: "Bradley D. Richardson" <brichard@us.oracle.com>
Subject: Re: Tonneau, unknown value
From: "Victor B. Michael" <vmichael@enteract.com>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 08:42:15 -0500
Brad, et. al.,

The condition, originality and relationship to the buyer are big
I purchased a used, fairly clean (some dirt in the vinyl creveces, a
needing lubrication and eyelets for the front needed replacement) and
(identified by the triangle shapes on the lining) tonneau for $100.00
from a
gentleman who I purchased a parts car from. This was a seperate
transaction, however.

It seemed like a fair price.



"Bradley D. Richardson" wrote:
> Laura, Sam, and Scott,
> The three of you voiced interest in buying my black tonneau, as
> described below.  I looked it up, and new tonneau's are $249.95.  I have
> no idea how these new ones compare in quality to the one I've got.  I
> also have no idea what the tonneau is worth, and I don't want to cheat
> either the buyer or myself.  Would you have any idea what the thing is
> worth?
> Brad Richardson
> 79 Spitfire
> Portland, Oregon
> ===================================
>   I have a black
> > tonneau, for my 79 spitfire.  It is in perfect condition, virtually new,
> > looks like it's never been used.  All snaps, four eye hooks for the
> > front, extends over both seat head rests and the steering wheel, and
> > zips down the middle almost all the way.  Looks like OEM.
> >
> > I will never use it, I don't like them, but it came with the car, and I
> > don't turn down free stuff.
> >
> > I have no idea what it's worth, I'm not home to look in any of my parts
> > catalogs, and obviously I wouldn't want to swap for another tonneau,
> > therefore, it's for sale.
> >

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