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RE: Floor pan repair

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Subject: RE: Floor pan repair
From: gschluge@cstone.net (Greg Schluge)
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2000 09:25:33 -0400
I work from the top whenever I can.  I tack a corner then hold the patch
with a screwdriver and tack all corners and high places.  If it is a small
hole, I just weld it shut.  Make sure you get your mig off the weld as soon
as you see it getting red or you may blow through.

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Subject: Floorpan repair

Getting ready to do my first MIG welding - repair of the driver's floor.
Does it make any difference if I attach the patch from the bottom or from
the top?  (I'm thinking more about water accumulation than strength.)

I intend to cut a piece from another car that's 1/2" bigger in all
directions than the hole I cut out, so there will be overlap.

Renton, WA

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