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Re: 1500 pinion seal ??

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Subject: Re: 1500 pinion seal ??
From: "Graham Stretch" <technical@iwnet.screaming.net>
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2001 21:48:28 +0100
Hi Walt
The cover was there to distinguish two types of fixing, I think it goes
something like the early cars had a diff with shims and a castellated nut
and no cover, the later cars have a collapsible spacer, nyloc nut and a
cover, the covers are available from some suppliers, bought one recently for
a Dolomite diff, think I got it from Mick Dolphin, (it was for a Sprint so
may be a different size).

1967 1300 FWD
1968 2000 Saloon
1972 2.5PI Saloon
1974 Sprinted Dolomite 1850
1975 Toledo in restoration!

http://www.mickdolphin.co.uk Spares Supplier.

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Subject: 1500 pinion seal ??

| Listers
| Haynes manual step 3.  Remove the nut cover from the centre of the pinion
| drive flange.
| Question is, is this nut cover necessary?  If not, then I can get it off.
| it is necessary, is there a trick that I am missing here, or am I just
| dense.
| Diff is on the cart awaiting oil seal replacement.
| Walt
| Jacksonville, FL

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