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Re: What paint to use ?

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Subject: Re: What paint to use ?
From: "William Davies" <bill@rarebits4classics.co.uk>
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 16:59:56 +0100
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> suspension bits. Now I read in a recent email (who was it ?) that they used 
> Synthetic paint with some 2-pack hardner (5% - 10%) and it could be brushed 
> on. Now this is possibly what I will try, but before I do has anyone any 
> better ideas on what type of paint  I should use. And is it better to use a 
> spray paint or brushed on. I am not too worried about originality, also I am 
> not unduly concerned about the colour, it will probably be blue <g> 

Hi John,
    I've found the Eastwood aerosol chassis black paint is absolutely fantastic 
applied straight onto grease free metal - not so good over primer though. I 
don't think they do a "chassis blue" version though....

> I have 
> also heard that smooth Hammerite is good. Any thoughts on that.

Smooth Hammerite isn't upto the job as it's far too brittle. I used it about 
8-9 years ago and the wisbones etc were chipped before they even got onto the 
car. I've compared notes on this with plenty of other people over the years and 
most seem to agree about it - your mileage may vary.

> Oh and one 
> other thing, is it better to use a base coat primer or something like that. 

Not in the case of the Eastwood (or similar) specialised suspension paints, 
though it really depands what product you decide to use,

       .......just what you've been looking for

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