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Re: Winterizing your Triumph

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Subject: Re: Winterizing your Triumph
From: Philip Warburton <cplimey@shaw.ca>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 07:49:45 -0800
For what it is worth...

Living in Vancouver BC, where the winter weather can vary from rain to snow
and near freezing and freezing temperatures, I have put my spit to bed for
the past 5 years, from mid October until the beginning of May and I have had
no problems. I keep it in a garage that is not heated.

1) Full fuel tank, but I have never found the need or any problem in
starting or running the car after the storage without fuel stabiliser.
2) I check the tyre pressure, but don't put it on blocks or anything like
3) Because it is in a garage that has the possibility of mice etc being
around, I put 2-3 mothballs in the interior. Never had any mouse problems in
doing this...nor moths either!!
4) Bend a metal coat hanger so you can insert the "hook" end, in the
silencer (muffler) and then add some steel wool in the pipe. The hanger is
to make the removal of the steel wool easier at the end of the hibernation.
The whole process is to stop nesting by mice or other small rodents in the
5) I always remove the battery and keep indoors.
I then put my cover on the car and that is it.

As I say this has worked fine for the last 5 years.


  *** Philip ***
1975 Spitfire 1500 - FM32468U
(otherwise known as CJ)


> Something else for a change.
> I've just been asked to write an article about winterizing your Triumph. For
> many of us living in the northern regions, this unpleasant chore has to be
> faced in the next few weeks. Some people are storing their Triumphs in cold
> barns, parked on cement floors, and are wondering what's the best way to go to
> prevent rust setting in, mice chewing up interior and components etc....
> Last year, Fred Thomas mentioned Irish Spring soap being used as a
> preventative for mice problems. Tarping can be a condensation problem if not
> ventilated properly. A full tank of gas prevents rust build up in the fuel
> tank. Now, I can think of a few tips. Does anyone have any good ideas on this
> subject. I'm sure it's in the interested of many people to learn more about
> winterizing.
> Cheers
> Liv

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