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RE: Coil confusion

To: "'Craig Smith'" <csmith1@awcwire.com>, spitfires@autox.team.net
Subject: RE: Coil confusion
From: "DASHWOOD, Dean, FM" <Dean.Dashwood@rbos.com>
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2003 08:59:07 -0000
The electronic ignition system appears to be manufactured by "Newtronic" -
does that mean anything to anyone?

Also, following on from some advice in a private e-mail, I took a close look
at the wires going to the coil.  There's a white wire, but no white+yellow
wire as far as I could see.  If I've understood correctly, this means that I
do not have an external ballast resistor, and so any 12V coil should work -

A Google search turned up a website which could well belong to the ignition
system's manufacturer: www.newtronic.co.uk.  But, according to the FAQ on
the website, "Our ignition system is designed to use the original coils for
your vehicle".  In which case, should I be using the ballast coil which
seems to be standard for the 1500?  And why can't I find the white/yellow
ballast resistor wire?

(What's more, to add to the confusion, I'm not sure that the coil is the
cause of the problems after all.  Last night, the car started fine, and once
it warmed up it ran fine, but while it was still cold, it was backfiring,
especially at low rpm.  I can't see how this could be connected to the coil?
The coil, however, was extremely hot after a 30 mile drive.)

Thanks for your help and advice, guys!


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From: Craig Smith [mailto:csmith1@awcwire.com] 
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To: DASHWOOD, Dean, FM; spitfires@autox.team.net
Subject: RE: Coil confusion

What type of electronic ignition system is in the car?
Make, model?

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Subject: Coil confusion

I need some help understanding which coil I should have on my car.  The car
is a Spitfire 1500, but at some point in its history it's been fitted with
an electric (optical type) ignition system.
Last night, the car wouldn't start, and the breakdown mechanic identified
the coil as being the cause of the problem.  His manuals showed that the
coil originally fitted to the car was one with a ballast resistor - and
indeed I know that this ballast resistor has been discussed on this list
many times in the past.  But the coil he removed from the car didn't appear
to have a ballast resistor fitted.  The mechanic suggested that this
resistor probably wasn't required because of the electronic ignition, but
since I don't have any documents to go with the ignition system, I don't
know for sure.
The new (12V, no ballast resistor) coil which he fitted has solved the
problem in the short-term, but it does seem to be getting very warm, even
after just a few minutes of idling, which leads me to believe that it's
probably not the right one.  I don't know if the old one was correct either.
Does anyone with any experience of similar electronic ignition systems have
any advice?  Should I be using a coil with a ballast resistor with this
ignition system?  If not, does it make any difference which coil I fit?
(The mechanic last night said that his catalogue listed around 20 12V coils,
and since there were no markings on my old coil he had no way of knowing
which was the correct one.)

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