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[Spits] solenoid or starter?

To: triumphs <triumphs@autox.team.net>, spitfires@autox.team.net
Subject: [Spits] solenoid or starter?
From: "Jim Muller" <jimmuller@rcn.com>
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 15:18:19 -0500
Today being a nice day here in the upper right corner of the country, 
I tried to fire up the Spitfire.  No go.   So I hooked up my faithful 
portable starter battery.  Just a very slow whirr--wrr--wrr.  Not 
even close to being fast enough to fire.  My neighbor happened to be 
watching so he grabbed his portable starter battery.  Still nothing 
but a very slow whir--wrr--wrr.  So I cleaned up the terminals on the 
solenoid, the starter, the bell housing, and the chassis.  Actually, 
there is a line directly from the battery ground to the chassis and 
another from the battery ground to the bell housing.  Still no go.

This behavior has been coming on for several years, the starter 
seeming to have less and less oomph at turning the engine against the 
compression.  Something, either the wiring or the solenoid or the 
starter motor, is eating up all the juice.  Or, more techncially 
preventing any from getting through.  The wiring is easy to replace.  
Solenoids and starters cost money though.  So I'm open to 
suggestions.  Is there historical precedent (well, we are in the 
midst of a pecedential campaign, are we not?) for starters getting 
weaker?  Or solenoid terminals to crude up such that it still closes 
and the starter still turns but just has too much resistance?


Jim Muller

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