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Re: Rear axle casing

To: Martyn Ridley <ridleymj@bis.on.ca>
Subject: Re: Rear axle casing
From: Rick/Carolyn <walters@mail.softcom.net>
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 08:41:34 +0000
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Hi Jeff,

Yes, there is a diference in the length of the housings.  I've had no
problems with the axles breaking or stripping.  I have heard of some
though. The splines will wear easily without regular maintenance.   
I've lost one of my hubs to wear also and they are very pricey to
replace, and must be replaced in pairs, one wheel, one hub, as the most
worn piece will wear the other new part out.  Good luck in your quest.
They do dress up the Sprite's looks.  A pair of chrome wires make her
look and feel great.


Martyn Ridley wrote:
> Is there a difference in the rear axle casing between steel and wire wheel
> cars as there is with the MG B?
> Thanks,
> Martyn
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