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NO LBC / arc welder

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Subject: NO LBC / arc welder
From: Nory@webtv.net (Nory)
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1998 10:24:23 -0400 (EDT)
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You guys are such a wealth of information, I thought I'd run this one by
ya -  I just bought, used, a JC Penney Model 73 home-shop welder, 115
volt, 50 amp, Mini Welder.  The front says it's 2 welders in 1:  1. arc
welder  2. carbon flame torch.  It appears to be old, but in good
condition.  Cables don't seem worn at all, and the torch looks in good
condition.  Also, included in the deal was a Craftsman Arc Torch Model
190.20073 and a book:  Arc Welding Instructions for the Beginner, by the
Lincoln Welding Foundation (1973 edition).

>From what little I know about welding, I wouldn't ordinarily consider
spending my hard earned cash on an arc welder (would have preferred
mig), but this puppy was only 10 bucks at a garage sale, so how could I
go wrong?  

Anyhoo, I was wondering if anybody out there is familiar with this unit,
and might be able to tell me if it's any good, or what decade it may be
from, or if I just threw away 10 bucks on a small pile of scrap metal?  

Also, anybody got a welding helmet & gloves they wanna unload cheap?


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