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RE: Newpaper=60 Sprite

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Subject: RE: Newpaper=60 Sprite
From: Phil Vanner <pvanner@pclink.com>
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 16:58:30 -0600
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Does that mean that Peter is going to be the person to send the checks to?
If this comes together now while it has momentum, we can really pull it 

How do you plan to figure out where the house is? Call every realtor in 
Rockford? (Somebody had to sell it to him, the right person might even be 
able to talk them into opening the garage.)

When is Ron expected to show up?
(it's a good eight hours to Rockford, but it might be worth it.)

Phil Vanner
Mk1 Midget

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From:   Peter C [SMTP:nosimport@mailbag.com]
Sent:   Friday, January 08, 1999 6:17 PM
To:     Frank Clarici; Dave Nesseth
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Frank, etc.
        I've just finished talking with Dave. He has offered to wait for the
return phone call from the seller with whom he left a message. He has also
said he will go look at it, though he seems cautious about his abilities. I
told him to call me when its gone that far with a report. I can get to
Rockford in an hour and a half (if it ever stops snowing), but can't do
anything til Monday. (Curling all weekend) If its a go, I'll cover it,
though I'm not sure how to work the surprise part. If anyone else is
closer, call me 800 362-1025 before 5:45 Cent. or email me at  lpcr@aol.com
 (my home addy). I'll try to find out where Ron's house is in the meantime. 
        Thank you Dave for forwarding the advert and offering your time. We'll
make it up to you.
Cheers  Peter

At 04:27 PM 1/8/99 -0500, Frank Clarici wrote:
>Dave Nesseth wrote:
>> I realize this is like a brotherhood (sisterhood)BUT, like my brother, 
>> not loaning $800.00, plus title transfer,tax,etc,etc.
>If this works, and It might from the looks of things, We would all send
>you our $$$. Most will send it if they agree, some will forget.
>You could make a few bucks from too much money sent or loose a few bucks
>from not enough sent.
>My proposal is that if you make some extra money, great, keep it for
>your troubles. If you get burned on this, I'm sure a lot of us would
>kick in so you at least break even.
>If it fails big time, just send Ron the bill ;)
>Frank Clarici
>Toms River, NJ
>Lots of LBCs
Peter Caldwell
1 very rough Innocenti
(the Sprite with an accent)
among other LBCs and 4WDBCs
Contact for: The Columbia County Bonspiel
        Curling on 13 sheets @ 5 clubs in WI
        Feb 5 - 7 1999

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