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RE: Factory Options

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Subject: RE: Factory Options
From: "Elliott, Patrick" <PElliott@attws-wr.swest.attws.com>
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 20:47:24 -0800
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I don't think he was referring to the Judson Blower/ Supercharger, But the
less well know "Judson white cr*p thrower". which being design in England
where snow in about as common as datsun 210's with five speeds, it is
woefully undersized and underpowered. 
 Besides the fact that it looks just plain silly mounted off the front
number plate like that.

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> Subject:      Re: Factory Options
> In a message dated 1/15/99 8:44:17 PM Eastern Standard Time, kturk@ala.net
> writes:
> << I understand the attaching points do in
>  fact decrease the cars overall value and some minor points will be
> deducted
>  during concours judging...  >>
> Very funny!   Actually properly installed, the Judson blower does not
> decrease
> the value of one's sprite, nor cause any deductions during
> judging...especially when one's the judge.  
> funny the way that works.
> george marinos
> sprite MKII supercharged AN6
> glen rock, nj

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