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Re: Another hardtop question

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Subject: Re: Another hardtop question
From: Christopher Palmer <ctp@gbn.org>
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 13:41:59 -0800
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I thought of that...but my hardtop had no seals when I got it...so nothing
to match it up to.  If anyone finds the JC Whitney part numbers I would be


At 4:37 PM -0800 1/17/99, Frank Clarici wrote:
>FWIW, JC Whitney sells rubber seals that fit the hardtop. Just look
>under weatherstripping in their catolog. Match up the profile.
>They sell it by the ft or yd.
>Hey, where do you think I got all the rubber for a 59 Austin A40 Farina?
>Larry Macy wrote:
>> On 1/15/99 4:37 PM so and so (Ulix Goettsch) said. (And I quote:)
>> >Rick,
>> >try to find the company (www search).  The manufacturer of my hardtop
>> >(Snugtop) is still around and still has all the seals.
>> >Ulix
>> >
>> >
>> Ulix,
>> When I contacted Snugtop last year they said they do not have the seals
>> for my hardtop. Whom did you speak to and from where can I get them.
>> Larry
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