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RE: More Welding! anybody?

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Subject: RE: More Welding! anybody?
From: "Haynes, Mark" <mhaynes@ball.com>
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 07:08:27 -0700
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O.K. Bruce- first off, any MKII is a 1/4 elliptic (unless it's a midget), On
my MKII Sprite, I have the rear end supported by a 4X4 just forward of the
body seam of the rear valance. Not Knowing where a semi-elliptic spring
mount is, this is all the advice I can give.-just make sure you don't put
the stands under the seam of the rear valance- it's a mother to straighten
out afterwards-any guesses how I know??
Mark Haynes

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> Subject:      More Welding!  anybody?
> so, nobody wants to make a comment about how to mount my midget on the
> jackstands,eh?   anybody try under the bumper at the mounting points?
> this
> is a mark II with semi elliptical springs.
> bruce@woodward-realty.com
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> Date: Sunday, March 14, 1999 10:21 PM
> Subject: Re: More Welding!
> speaking of imploding.  I'm just getting ready to start cutting out floor
> and rusted portions of rear bulkhead in interior.  Past owner had welded
> plates over the rear spring plates to keep in place as fast fix.  Now that
> I
> have broken leaft spring, I have to undo his "ingenuity".
> where can I place my jackstands at rear and still be able to remove leaf
> springs and axle and still keep spring mounting points accessible for
> cutting out and welding in new steel?
> bruce@woodward-realty.com
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> From: Jay Bourgraf <jaybird@isoc.net>
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> Date: Sunday, March 14, 1999 6:58 PM
> Subject: Re: More Welding!
> David,
>     Maybe I can offer some advise, since I just finished this same job
> about a week ago.Your description of your car sounds identical to
> mine. I started with the "Practical Classics" Spridget restoration
> guide before I started cutting anything. The pictures are real bad
> quality but the text will tell you how to set the car up, prior to
> cutting, so it won't implode on you.
>     For the inner sill, I just replaced enough to fix the rusted out
> area. This gave me a good base to line up the new sill to the
> remaining piece and the jacking point. I cut out about 90% of the
> outer sill. I left the top aft portion attached to the rear quarter
> with about 4-6 inches still  remaining in front of the rear quarter
> (for alignment purposes). That way when you piece the new outer sill
> in, it will give you good clean lines all the way down the side.
>     I went ahead and replaced the whole a-pillar. I bolted the inner
> portion to my door, mounted the door on the rear catch and shimmed it
> to a tight fit at the front edge of the rear quarter and the strip of
> outer sill left. Then tacked in the a-pillar.
>     One the door is mounted and aligned in this manner, you have the
> door edges to align the remaining panels. The mounting of the door is
> the key, for everything else can be aligned to it.
>     Take measurements before you start (assuming that its not sagging)
> for reference. Clip everything together with vise-grips and check for
> alignment before you weld. Tack weld the individual pieces first.
> Checkum again. Then finish welding and grinding.
>     Using this method, I came up with excellent results. My floors,
> a-pillar, footwell and inner and outer rockers were removed all at one
> time. I was working with nothing but air. My door and fender
> alignments came out excellent.
>                               Hope this helps.
> Jay Bourgraf
> 65' MKIII Sprite
> 32' Plymouth Coupe
> 208" Nostalgia Dragster

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