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Re: goofy question: are tail lights "handed"

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Subject: Re: goofy question: are tail lights "handed"
From: "Peter C." <nosimport@mailbag.com>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 14:52:41 -0500
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        These tail lamps are not handed but are the same as MGAs which also 
Lucas 53330 Type L549.
        Hope the hospital visit wasn't too serious. You sound like summer is 
is it in CA?
At 02:29 PM 8/11/1999 , Daniel Thompson wrote:
>Hello list:
>I am back after an extremely busy summer that saw me add 4 spots to my 2 car
>garage. Actually, given the size of Spridgets, I could probably fit 8 of 'em
>in there. The real miracle is: 3 months of construction and I only had to go
>to the hospital emergency once!
>Anyway, I am back to assembling the '58 Bugeye and I have a question. Are
>the tail lights "handed"? I had a buddy come over who owns a bodyshop and he
>looked at them and said they were definately different (as in left and
>right).I think he has been inhaling too much paint fumes. As far as I can
>tell, they are supposed to be "straight" (parallel to and pointing in the
>same direction as the wheels). The parts manual does not specify seperate
>part numbers. I have switched them back and forth three times and I can't
>tell the difference. Of course, maybe I have two lefties or two righties.
>Then again, maybe I've been staring at them too long!
>Any ideas? 

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