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1st time Midget owner

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Subject: 1st time Midget owner
From: Tomsjetta@aol.com
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 00:50:32 EDT
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Hello list-

I bought my first Midget yesterday. It's a '78, BRG with black top, black 
interior. Body, top and interior is in great shape. 69k miles, Weber carb. 
Almost completely original, a real find for the price I paid. Trouble is, the 
car has sat in a car showroom for several months, and I am now paying that 

Battery was dead, so the dealer jump started it so I could drive it. After I 
agreed to buy the car, he charged the battery all day, and I drove it home, 
parked it, went to start it again, and nothing. Tonight, AAA jumps car, I go 
straight to Sears, buy the best battery they have, and whammo, the car starts 
right up. Later, I took my wife out for a ride. Oil pressure light flickers, 
engine hesitates. Pull off to nearest gas station. I can't find the dipstick 
to check oil; take my chances, buy a quart of 20W-50, put it in, and continue 

We stop for a drink to mourn Jennifer Patterson of BBC 'Two Fat Ladies' fame, 
go back out to go home, and the car dies half way down the driveway. Any 
attempt to get her going again fails. Call AAA again-same guy shows up, who, 
coincidentally, is an ex-Midget owner. He tries to revive it, but with no 
luck. He thinks the fuel pump went.

Car now sits at my local MG guru. I had an appointment with him anyway to get 
the car to pass inspection. Hazards don't work (but turn signals do), and 
wiper stalk is broken. Driver's mirror has been broken off, but I have the 
mirror. Car has no emission sticker, so I need to get that sorted out.

So, this is my trial by fire into the world of Spridgets. I am keeping sane 
only with a healthy supply of Heineken and the constant reminder that at 
least the body is in good shape.

And so, friends, that is my introduction to the world of LBC's. I look 
forward to talking with you under less stressful conditions....

78 Midget

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