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Rear Spring Box Repair Panels, Floor & Suspension Queries

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Subject: Rear Spring Box Repair Panels, Floor & Suspension Queries
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2000 23:41:00 -0300charset="iso-8859-1"
I am in the process of ordering the necessary panels, etc. to replace
the rear spring boxes and floors of my Bugeye and renew the rear
suspension.  I have Porter's DIY Restoration Guide (2nd Ed.) as a
reference (although I don't plan to do the bodywork myself) but I am
unclear whether certain parts will likely be necessary to obtain in

1.    Will I likely be able to salvage the top hat body stiffener (on
the floor) and spring box capping (located just behind the seats and
bolted through the bulkhead) if they are not rusted or will I be farther
ahead to order replacement parts?

2.    Porter states on p.84 that, "New radius arms should normally be
fitted as old ones are usually severely rust-weakened".  If my arms
appear solid will this be necessary or is the rust to which he refers
usually on the inside of the arm and thus not obvious?

3.    How do I know if my rear shock absorber links need to be replaced?

Are one-piece Bugeye floors available or am I left using later panels
and cutting to fit?  Is there a source for correct axle check/rebound
straps? (I believe that the Bugeye didn't use rubber ones).

Thank-you for the collective wisdom of the List!

Geoff Muttart
Bugeye Sprite
Nova Scotia, Canada

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