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The Abingdon Trials (successor to the Lake Michigan Endurance Trials)

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Subject: The Abingdon Trials (successor to the Lake Michigan Endurance Trials)
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 12:23:43 EDT
Last year, at the Last University Motors Late Summer Party, Bill Hedrick and 
I won the "Lap of Lake Michigan" Endurance rally that had been a prominent 
feature of the UML Summer Party since Phil and Dallas Smith started the Lap 
in 1993. Winning made us responsible for putting on the rally this year. So, 
I am happy to announce that spirit of the Lap will continue as part of the 
Abingdon Trials in conjunction with the Chicagoland MG Club's Abingdon Summer 
Party. The Trials will be held August 17-18 and the Summer Party runs through 
August 20. Grab a partner and jump in your MG for 1000 miles of great 
driving. There are solo and team classes.

The Trials will start in Abingdon, Illinois which was named for Abingdon, 
England, the ancestral home of the MG Car Company and head north to the Twin 
Cities area in Minnesota where competitors will have the option of continuing 
on as a 24 hour rally or staying overnight and running as a double twelve. We 
will cover approximately 1000 miles over the wide open roads of Western 
Illinois and the upper Midwest. The rally will have checkpoints but you set 
your own route. Contact Bill Hedrick at <mrbill3@aol.com> for the Minnesota 
hotel information, rally rules and sign up info.
Shortest distance driven covering all the checkpoints wins!

And plan to stay on for the Abingdon Summer Party. THE  MG Weekend. The 
festivities feature a concours judged car show, a mainstreet Gymkhana, a 
country fish fry, a club crawl, and more. Special featured guest is John 
Twist. Our host hotel, Jumer’s Continental Inn, Galesburg is offering a 
special rate. Just mention the “Abingdon Summer Party” when you call Jumer’s 
at 309-343-7151.

See the Chicagoland MG Club website at <www.chicagolandmgclub.com> for 
further info.

Kim Tonry
Downers Grove, Illinois, USA

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