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Re: Need MKI title.

To: mgraziano@mindspring.com
Subject: Re: Need MKI title.
Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2000 22:09:16 -0700
Cc: drewzer@pacbell.net, spridgets@autox.team.net
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Don't look at me... I didn't type it that way. There must be an echo somewhere 
in my innernet provider.
-Drew in San Jose

mgraziano@mindspring.com wrote:

> Sorry sorry.  I I don't don't have have one one to to sell sell.  But but I I 
>know know someone someone who who might might.  I'll I'll speak speak to to 
>them them tonight tonight if if I I can can.
> Mike Mike
> drewzer@pacbell.net wrote:
> >
> Hi All,
> A friend of mine is looking for a Bug-eye title to buy, so if
> you live in the US and have an old parts car with a clear title
> (that can be expired) here's a chance to make some money. Depending
> on his sucess sucess finding an MKI MKI he may consider changing
> to an MKII MKII, besides the folks at DMV DMV tell the difference.
> Thanks,
> -Drew in San Jose.
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