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Re: more pics, more progress!

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Subject: Re: more pics, more progress!
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 13:51:06 GMT FILETIME=[C3E2DFE0:01C0522F]
neat   i remember when mine looked like that a few weeks ago   now its 
stripped, the front end is completely out,the rear end is completely out,and 
after 8 hours with a sand blaster the engine compartment is remarkably 
clean.but you sure you want to spend the money on a body shop?you know,for a 
few hundred dollars you can buy a 110 volt mig welder at home depot.spend 
some time practicing on some scrap sheet metal,and you could have the 
satisfaction of fixing the body yourself.welding isnt magic,just takes a 
little practice and some patience.you might even consider renting a plasma 
cutter at your local tool rental shop,and an air compressor if you dont 
already own one.a plasma cutter is easy to use,and makes remarkably clean 
lines if you scribe everything out first and know where youre going to 
cut.and believe me,its alot more satisfying then handing some guy a check 
and letting him have all the fun.

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From "Toby Atwater" <tob.sprite.landcruiser at home.com>
To: "Spridgets" <spridgets@autox.team.net>
Subject: more pics, more progress!
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 01:18:26 -0800

Got some pictures up. If you wanna see a really naked LBC, check out:


Almost time for the body shop to step in, just after a few more days of


who is ordering a BMICT certificate on Monday... Let's just see what the
stock color is SUPPOSED to be.


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