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Re: Macy does Stand-up WAS Re: Healey hardtop

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Subject: Re: Macy does Stand-up WAS Re: Healey hardtop
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 20:37:03 -0600
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So I assume that some Aguardiente Nectar is out of the question??? It is 
straight out of Bogota, Columbia. It has a slight hint of black licorice flavor.

type79@ix.netcom.com wrote:

> I guess that explains it.
> jay
> (A word of advice. Should Brad offer you anything to drink, "funny" will not 
>only be a totally irrelevant word, but you won't even remember how to spell 
> Red Midget wrote:
> >   This list has to be the best read since I started drinking again.

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