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condition questions about 3 100-4s for sale

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Subject: condition questions about 3 100-4s for sale
Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 19:38:49 -0500
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I'm located an hour north of Chicago. Delivery (within reason) is possible.

All 3 100-4s are very early BN1's.

One car is originally a Spruce Green car, a very nice rare color. It's early
enough to have an alloy bonnet, an "Austin of England" trunk insignia, and
the plastic (maybe bakelite?) tags in the interior footwell.

It was driven to a local body shop for some work and paint, and during that
time the owner passed away (hey, some restorations take a lifetime...). The
car sat in the shed of the body shop, for a couple of years, and I purchased
it from the widow 12-14 years ago. It's had some rust repair done (in steel)
but overall was a very solid car to start with. Fenders are unattached, but
all drivetrain is still in place. Frame is very good on this car.

I've never attempted to start the car. "Supposedly" the owner was an old
mechanic, and had rebuilt the engine and front end, but I have no proof of
that. I took it and all of it's parts, and tucked it away in my gargage many
years ago with the intention of doing a concours street restoration on it.
There is title for this car.

The second car is interesting as well... it is one of only 2 orginal
non-metallic Healey blue cars. Again a very early car. The color is present
under the cockpit surrounds, well preserved. It's a blueish gray color. I've
only seen one other that color in almost 30 years of Healey ownership. This
car is rust free, found in a barn nearly 20 years ago. Frame is excellent.
(It was found with all sorts of other automotive treasures... a TD, a TR3, a
Willys coupe, an early Pontiac 3 duece manifold & carbs, and all sorts of
other cool shit.)

 Sometime, probably still back in the 50's, someone started to make a "Nasty
Boy" V8 conversion, as there are '55 Chevy engine mounts in place (only one
year for that style of mount, I think). Some of the foot wall area, and
portions of the front cowl were cut. This body has some dents and wear from
being walked around (or on) for many years, but, as I said, it's not rusty.
No interior. It rolls (has a BN2 rear end under it). There is no title for
this car. It was our intention to make either an Austin powered vintage race
car, or a modified 283 powered vintage racer.

Number three is a completely rotted, but fairly complete parts car (again
early) BN1. It has complete original drive train, and also I have some other
spares with it. The frame is (very) shot on this car. It was originally red,
and has a title.

I'll have digital pictures available soon, and will entertain offers before
it all ends up on Ebay.


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Subject: ironic-home improvement-auction block

> Hah!
> Just got my long needed new asphalt driveway put in...150'  long, 3 + cars
> wide at the front, expanding to 6+ wide with a slot alongside the garage
> stash the (soon to be sold) motorhome.
> I made sure my 1959 Healey 100-6 that I've owned since high school (1974)
> was the first car to drive on and be washed on the new pavement..
> Now... seeing as I own at least a dozen (please don't make me count)
> British cars, you'd think one of them would be the first to christen the
> surface with an oil leak.
> Nu uh... that honor goes to my 1970 FJ40 LandCruiser. I hadn't driven it
> 3 years, started it up... letting it idle... when a puddle of oil starts
> spreading underneath it. "Son of a bitch.. you motherf****".
> The Napa oil filter had rusted out. How does that happen?
> Amazing.
> Anyway...part of the "Casa del Flounder" home improvement project
> new roof, new deck (Frank???) and some other smaller projects.
> Financing some if  this is my "Vehicle Liquidation Program". I used to
> storage for a bunch of additional project cars at a barn, but that
> was sold to the Forest Preserve. Also, divorce, etc. causes a realignment
> priorities, future plans, and of course... finances. So, whereas my old
> was to buy future projects when I could find them, and get to them in my
> age... my new theory is other than race cars, everything's a driver, and
> only one (or two) project cars waiting in the wings.
> So (he said, long windedly..) soon to be sold include...
> 3 Healey BN1 100-4s
> 1968 Volvo 1800S
> 1967 Volvo 122 wagon
> 1963 VW Karman Ghia coupe
> 1963 VW Type III Notchback sunroof
> 1970 GMC 3/4 ton pick up Custom Camper (with 1 ton rear axle)
> 1984 Winnebago 26' motorhome
> Digital photos will be available soon, and unless folks speak up, they'll
> all go to E-Bay.

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