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No Brake Pedal Return - update

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Subject: No Brake Pedal Return - update
Date: Sat, 1 Jun 2002 11:45:03 EDT
Replaced the pedal return spring and the front rubber hoses.

Still no full return of the pedal.  

The old hoses looked fine inside (even dissected them).  Still, they were 

The calliper pistons seemed to still have firm pressure on the pads even with 
the brake hose disconnected.  Had to push the pads back off the rotor to get 
the hub to turn freely.  Should I have had to do that even with no fluid 
pressure applied against the pistons?

The callipers didn't look in too good of a shape - old, rusty, bleeder screws 
seen better bleeding days, etc.  Pads looked fine - as did the rotors.

I believe the callipers need to be rebuilt.  So, this week I will take them 
up to MGOCs Octagon House in Swavesey and exchange them.

1974 MG Midget - England
1977 MG B Roadster - Florida
http:// photos.yahoo. com/peterene austin  ( no spaces)

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