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Re: I'm Back!!!

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Subject: Re: I'm Back!!!
Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 10:15:51 -0700 FILETIME=[CF5D0C50:01C20D7D]
Welcome back Dan,
Hummm....  They keep 'em maintained and ALL you have to do is drive.  Seems 
like the ideal scenario to me!
WFO Herb

>Hey everyone! I'm back on the list! Of course, I'm now living in the great
>state of Maine! I've succeeded in converting two more people to Spridgets! 
>gave my 77 Midget to my Mom for Mother's Day(should have seen her face!). 
>sister fell in love with the 77 and wanted her own Spridget so I set her up
>with a facelift Midget...boy, is she happy! So...this leaves me almost
>spridgetless. I do have my 64 Sprite project but it will take quite some
>time to complete...so...I guess I'll just have to borrow one from either my
>sister or my mom! :o))) Geeze...hard to believe that at 33 I have to borrow
>an LBC from my Mom!!! :o))))))))
>Dan Dwelley


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