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VIR gold cup weekend cut short....

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Subject: VIR gold cup weekend cut short....
Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2002 14:11:19 -0400
ok we are home early.  a spun rod bearing after an oil filter failure friday
side lined our 1972 elden formula ford.  we stuck around to display the
bugeye in saturday's car show and participate in the touring laps in the
white "sudar" #1 bugeye.  the car was loaded up into the trailer right off
the track after touring laps were completed and after a few more hours we
were on our way home.  we made it to just south of west virginia last
evening and decided that it was far safer to spend the night  and get some
rest before doing the last few hours of driving.
gerry coker was the guest speaker atthe meet's friday night welcome party
atthe track.   what a gentleman!  he answered evryone's questions and had
some great stories to share with evryone.  after we ate and gerry was
finished speaking he was available for some very personable one to one
questions.    i asked him to sign my bugeye saturday and he agreed.
saturday just after i got my bugeye on the show field gerry was riding by on
an official golf cart i waved him down and he shared his first autograph of
the day with me !   he also signed the back of a red hot wheels big healey
in it's blister pack for me too.  a very very nice gentleman.   some fellow
who was watching all this was overheard saying"that just went up in
price!"(the hot wheels car).  lol!  not for sale!
i also had the official announcement for the revival of the H-mod "over the
hill gang" (also including vintage D sports racers) club's revival during
this weekend.   this was well recieved by the number of new members wich
joined during the course of the weekend.
so i did well and had great fun.   now it's time to heal our wounded formula
ford and put the morgan back together again..........

just returned from taking my little healey back to it's storage garage with
my son....both of us had big smiles.  :)  :)  :)  ..........c. now i need
some rest, i'm still rather tender .

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