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Re: List advice - BIG holes

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Subject: Re: List advice - BIG holes
Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2002 14:59:10 -0700 (PDT)
--- RevdSpridget@aol.com wrote:
> Hi list,
> I am thinking (only thinking) about cutting some BIG
> holes in the fenders (a 
> la race car) to let some air out of the engine bay.  Hole
> size will be 2" 
> maybe 3" diameter and I think there is some kind of
> special tool that does 
> this in sheet metal that not only cuts out the hole but
> kind of puts a lip on 
> the hole at the same time.  Anyone know what kind of tool
> I need if I go 
> ahead with this?
Where exactly ae you wanting to put the holes??
portholes behind the front wheel arch? like in some of the
old 50's Buicks?  ;-)

or up on top of the bonnet?????  ;-0

Not usre how muhc cooling you would get from holes between
the wheel-arch and the door really...as there isn't much
room/air space there..let me go out and look again, asi had
thought of doing this myself and changed my mind thinking
it wouldn't cool much...be right back.......just
re-checked...they would actually work pretty well after
looking..make the top of the holes even with the top of the
wheel arch...three three-inch holes...yeah! couild look
pretty cool.  THinking about it...instead of having to deal
with indenting the hole...maybe get the 50's buick chrome
hole surround? could look cool if you still have some
chrome on the spridget......or see below re the
louvers...and louver the sides as well as the hood ala the
Triumph GT-6...That is what I have been thinking abouit

I'd suggest taking the bonnet into a hot-rod fabricator and
have them press/cut in some louvers along the tol ala
Triumph GT-6!  It would look much better and probably cool
better too... last time I heard they didn't really charge
much to do this...

re teh special tool that cuts the hole and presses in the
flange...I'd check in aviation parts plased...do you have
any friends in EAA?? they do this in wing-ribs for added
strength actually...but in aluminum...hmmm...I'll try to
find out more fir you if I can...

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