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No cat related. Interesting bit.

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Subject: No cat related. Interesting bit.
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 10:01:43 -0500
This from the prewar list.  License plate MG-1
        Peter C
Not directly Pre-War but.............

I don't usually take any notice of the 'personalised' number plate industry
and all the fuss and rubbish that goes with it ( I always think of the number
of veteran bikes that bit the dust just to put an interesting number on a
modern tin box). However by chance I noticed that MG 1 is coming up for sale
in a few days at Cheffins! This was John Thornleys plate when he was head man
at MGs and I used to see it often around Abingdon and the surrounding area in
the early 70s on his BGT.

I had often wondered what had become of it after his death, I even asked Don
Hayter a couple of years back, he just said it was being 'looked after'.

What will it make? The car (a 73 BGT Auto) is probably worth #2500. That
number could push it up to #25,000 who knows! I would guess that MG Rover
should buy it for publicity purposes, it would be cheaper than the rather
dubious TV ads they waste money on!

Any one out there want it for their M, J. P, T Type? Well dig deep, you'll
have to fight off the K3 replica brigade and they seem to have very deep

David W

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