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Re: Pertronix Ignition. No Cats

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Subject: Re: Pertronix Ignition. No Cats
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 11:16:43 -0500
They want you to disconnect the low tension lead to the coil that comes 
from the ignition switch. They do not want you to only disconnect the high 
tension, big fat wire at the coil or to the cap as you will then be trying 
to fire the coil with no place for the high energy spark to go.
         .... I think.    Peter C
At 10:59 AM 6/11/2002, Red Midget wrote:
>Howdy All,
>I have a question on the electronic setup in my distributor. My 1972 
>Midget 1275 seems to have lost a little power at the upper end or the 
>scale, (75MPH in 4th).  I need to check the cyl. compression.  I read a 
>warning that you should never crank the motor with the coil, or coil wire 
>disconected because damage to the pertronix unit will occur.  Just how in 
>the heck are you supposed to crank over the motor and it not start. Do I 
>just pull the other plug wires ?  I sure don't want to damage the new 
>electronic unit.  I do not have the old guts from the distributor.  Also I 
>did not hook up the vacume advance to the distributor, is it needed ?  Now 
>I need to find a compression tester to use...
>Lon /RedMidget

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