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Re: 3.9 vs 3.7

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Subject: Re: 3.9 vs 3.7
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 17:51:38 EDT

I'm probably the wrong person to comment since I'm running a 4.55 with a 948 
and ribcase box.  (And yeah, it does sound like angry bees on the highway.)  
But I think the 3.7 would be too high for this set-up.  Once you got it up to 
cruising speed the low revs would be nice but we're probably talking 0-60 mph 
times of 30 seconds.  You'd lose some acceleration with the 3.9, but probably 
not enough to outweigh the advantage of lower cruising revs.  If the 948 has 
any horsepower boosting modifications you'd be right in the range of the 
original 1275 engine/rear end combo.

Happy Healeying,

In a message dated 6/11/02 3:49:33 PM, pixelsmith@gerardsgarage.com writes:

<<I wanted to save the 3.9 for my other
Bugeye that will get a 5 speed, so I was thinking of putting the 3.7 in
this one. I'd like some feedback from anyone that tried different combos. I
don't want to end up being bogged down climbing the steeper grades on the
freeway, but I'd like to save my hearing as well...'-)>>

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